Monday, October 03, 2005

Scott Somerville left this about calling Senator Inhofe's office

This was over at the HILL blog. "Inhofe's office hasn't noticed any calls as of 11:24, gang. I called them to see how they were doing, and they had received a few emails but no calls they could remember. I've sent them a link to this website so they can see where the calls are coming from. Scott W. Somerville Homepage 10.03.05 - 11:30 am #"

Mr. Somerville,
who is a staff lawyer for HSLDA left the above comment on my other blog. He also left similar comments at More than Fine and North Carolina Homeschool Legislative Issues. Leaving the sarcasm in Mr. Somerville's comment aside, the fact that HSLDA is keeping such a close eye on this underscores our conviction that HONDA is a critical issue for homeschooling. Many of us disagree with Senator Inhofe and Mr. Sommerville about the best way to protect homeschooling, and we will continue to promote our cause, even as they promote theirs.


At 12:09 PM, Blogger Mary said...

I think Scott was attempting to convince those who hadn't called, that no one else was, so they probably shouldn't make fools of themselves by calling. Interesting strategy.
Unfortunately, he didn't realize that we don't sit around all day with nothing to do but call our Senator's offices or that it's 3 hours earlier on the west coast. Of course, I hadn't called before 8:15 am. And, today is Tuesday. If you were too busy to call yesterday, there is nothing wrong with today.



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