Wednesday, October 05, 2005

New ring members

We are up to 7 members in the Homeschool Legislation Watch Web Ring.

1. Homeschooling Freedom - the HONDA Edition Join Date: September 24, 2005 A spin off of Homeschooling Illinois - Legislation & Learning. One stop shopping for links and information to derail HONDA (HR 3753/S1691).
2. Happy_As_Kings Join Date: October 04, 2005
3. Homeschooling Illinois Legislation and Learning Join Date: September 24, 2005 HILL is a blog to come together and work towards keeping Illinois one of the best homeschool states in the nation. All grassroot efforts need a way to communicate to be effective and we hope to use this forum to keep in touch with other homeschoolers and our legislators here in the State of Illinois. We follow both Federal and State Legislation.
4. Somerschool Join Date: October 05, 2005 Truth, Justice, and the Homeschool Way
5. Join Date: October 04, 2005 is a comprehensive network and clearinghouse of homeschooling information specifically for Tennessee parents.
6. North Carolina Homeschool Legislative Issues Join Date: September 25, 2005 This blog is maintained by Homeschool Alliance of North Carolina to provide a resource to empower and inform NC homeschoolers. HA-NC ~Advocating Freedom Through Truth and Knowledge~
7. HEM Editor's Blog Join Date: October 03, 2005 This is the weblog of the managing editor of Home Education Magazine, Helen Hegener, and it is one of four HEM blogs actively tracking legislation and issues affecting homeschooling. HEM has a 23-year history of analyzing political situations which affect homeschooling, often in great depth, and most of the political history covered is online and freely accessible from this blog's sidebar menu.


At 3:49 PM, Blogger Anselm's Apprentice said...

Here's an email I just got from a family in one of the states I cover. To the best of my knowledge, this problem stems from the definition of "eligible institution" in the Higher Education Act, which HoNDA Section 4 would fix.
Just today, our oldest (homeschooled) daughter Lynn was denied admission into our State’s nursing program for RNs. They told her because she was homeschooled, she would need to go back and get her G.E.D.

Lynn is devastated! She's been working (100 hours/week) as an EMT and then Paramedic, hardly able to make ends meet, after being forced to pay the entire bill for major surgery. She was hoping to get a nursing education to find a better paying position in the nursing field.

Now, they're telling her she must go spend time earning a G.E.D. This is ludicrous! She's a graduate of Bill Gothard's Advanced Training Institute.

Lynn told me our community college had called her back and told her ATI transcripts do not meet state requirements (i.e., not a valid high school diploma) for R.N. nursing program.

Then Lynn called back shortly afterwards and said the Registrar herself called and explained that Allied Health, which licenses RNs in our state, set a guideline that all homeschoolers required a G.E.D. Many homeschoolers had taken the nursing program only to reach graduation time and find they were denied licensing for lack of a G.E.D. The Registrar was very apologetic, but explained that she has no power to change those guidelines. She recommends Lynn pursue a G.E.D.

The State Board of Nursing has the law up on its website. There doesn’t seem to be anything in the State statutes of regulations that requires a traditional high school diploma.

Isn't this an act of discrimination? Does Lynn have no recourse? Does she just go, pursue her G.E.D.?

At 7:49 AM, Blogger nika said...

I suggest you advise this family to talk with the school, so that the daughter can be admitted to study for the RN while concurrently getting the GED (which should not be that onerous considering her likely aptitude).

It might have been a good idea to use name-placeholders instead of divulging the names of these people (the names are not pivitol to your narrative).

Anecdotal evidence such as this, especially the inherent incomplete nature of your narrative (as it should be.. this is private information) is insufficient for the purposes of trying to sway the minds of critically thinking activists.

This has not really served your cause well, I fear.

At 9:08 AM, Blogger Anselm's Apprentice said...

I got word back from "Lynn" (not the name she goes by) yesterday. Thanks (in part) to a LOT of phone calls from a lawyer to the state Nursing Board and the local college, people are backpedaling rapidly. We don't have a final answer yet, but nobody is saying she has to get a GED at this point. If they DO say that, I'll be providing more specific information to the HSLDA members in that state so they can contact their representatives to redress some grievances.

My point in providing this anecdote was to help folks get a better sense of why HSLDA is so concerned about getting changes into the federal Higher Ed law. Each time I serve one member family that has bumped into this kind of mindless bureaucracy, it renews my commitment to fix this problem once and for all. That's why HSLDA has been so slow to listen to anti-HoNDA voices that just say, "This is a bad bill. Stop it!"

Everybody in this debate would be better off if we paid more attention to what the other side is saying, and why.


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