Thursday, October 06, 2005

Have you peeked into the comments lately?

It's getting a bit heated on both sides. The post "I spoke with Senator Inhofe's office today" has some comments worth reading.
There's also a couple of comments under "New Ring Members".
How many of you have read the Higher Education Act? I was really surprised by what was in the act. Scroll down in section 483 to d and checkout section B. I think that someone must have lobbied for that to be put in the bill in 1998. Now look at section 4 of HR 3753. There's a link to Thomas in the sidebar. You have to put the number in every time (could someone fix Thomas so you don't have to do that - maybe we should lobby for that!)Comments anyone?


At 7:10 PM, Anonymous Ron said...

We had received an email early on in the discussion which described in summary what mary did in the comments below. So, the discussion in the comments at odonnellweb was no surprise to me.


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